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Managers and Planners: hotels with great rooms and events spaces for your next function.

Coaches: hotels right next to the ballpark, stadium or arena for a convenient place to stay before the big game.

Teachers: hotels near museums and historical attractions.

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  • Assistance with groups from 9 to 999
  • Cash rebates
  • Flexible payment options
  • In-house, call center
  • Over 290,000 hotels to choose from
  • Guest reviews and ratings from people just like you!

Recent Testimonials

"Over all great experience! I had multiple offers in my price range and geographic area. The hotel the I booked with was super!"

"I am very pleased with! You gave me excellent service and contributed greatly to making our event in London so good!"

"I have already told many friends to do this since it was so easy and efficient!"

"The entire experience was great. I thank Lisa for a great job. The committee loved the location that was selected."

"I cannot stop raving about! Recently I saw a friend of mine on Facebook asking about and I told them how easy and great the group site is. Everything was excellent. Could not be happier!"

"I got a much better rate than I was finding on my own. The way the bids are organized and filtered is fantastic. I could not be happier for what was a free service to me! Thank you so much!"

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